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Pilates Based Workouts for Pregnancy & Postpartum


Alicia is an experienced, thoughtful and detailed Pilates instructor. She has a wealth of knowledge that enables her to craft sessions that give an amazing full body workout and target specific areas that need strengthening. I went to see Alicia after having twins and she helped me with my physical postpartum issues, specifically, strengthening my core, back and pelvic floor muscles. With her postpartum expertise, she was able to reboot by body! Alicia really listens to what your exercise goals are and intentionally works towards them. She has a beautiful studio that sets a soothing tone and allows for an optimal Pilates experience.  I'm so glad I found Alicia and her local studio - I highly recommend her!

Stephanie G.

I opted to invest in prenatal Pilates to prepare my body for childbirth. I have never been so grateful for the techniques I've learned. When I went into labor, I had the peace of mind to know my body was ready and I had breathing practices to help me through contractions. After childbirth, my body was able to heal quickly. I found the sessions so helpful, I suggest prenatal Pilates to all of my pregnant friends

Sandy I.

Taking the time to focus on my healing was one of the best decisions I made after giving birth to my second child. Working with Alicia was not only body-changing to heal my Diastasis Recti, but was also great for my mental health as she is so encouraging, positive and caring. I wish I had found her for my first pregnancy! Even now, past the postpartum period, I am still using the exercises she taught me whether working out or taking care of my preschooler and toddler.

Courtney S.
  • Boutique Studio

  • Located in Loudoun County, Virginia

Boutique Studio

Located in Loudoun County, Virginia